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Accessibility policy

Several guidelines have been applied for the implementation of the ASASEC’s website (Advisory System Against Sexual Exploitation of Children) so that the accessibility features are improved. This brings some advantages, as for example:

Among others, the following guidelines/standards have also been applied:

Standards compliance

The pages of this Web site met the AA level according to the Accessibility Guidelines 1.0 Web Content of the W3C.

The site is developed in HTML5 and all the code has been validated against the official W3C validator.

CSS3 usage for style sheets.


Web site’s layout implements a Responsive Web Design that fits the page into the device’s width, producing then a unique layout design for PC, mobile and tablets.

An interesting aspect of this new technology is that the layout changes dynamically when the display’s width varies (as normal regarding different devices) and also fits the image sizes within the space available

Keyboard Shortcuts

The site recognizes the following shortcuts:

The Access keys depend upon the browser:


Any complaint, question or feedback about improving the accessibility of this site may be forwarded to the email address CLOUD CERT mailbox. It will be spelled: a c c e s i b i l i d a d at i n t e c o dot e s. Do not forget to include the section or page which your comment makes reference to.