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Official Association of University Graduates in Computer Science Open in new window

ALI’s main objective is the recognition of the profession of Computer Engineering. Their working group “Information security and information audit” is based upon national and international legislation concerning Information Security and Audit; Voluntary standards, regulations and methods of application.

To ASASEC, ALI assumes the writing of best practice guidelines and procedures on forensic analysis which deals with child pornography material.

Technological Investigation Brigade of the National Police Open in new window

BIT is a policy unit suited in the Economic and Tax Crime Unit (UDEF), organ of the General Directorate of Police in charge of the investigation and prosecution of illicit activities in a national and international scope regarding economy and tax crimes. BIT is suited to answer the challenges imposed by the new delinquency: child pornography, online scams and frauds, cyber attacks, and so on.

Concerning ASASEC, BIT is and will be the user of the technological solution, deciding then on its initial design, validation and acceptance, as well as taking part on the different actions for disseminating the product.

Spanish National Institute of Cibersegurity (INCIBE) Open in new window

Organisation dependent on the Spanish Ministerio de Industria, Energía y Turismo (Ministry for Industry, Energy and Tourism) through SETSI, the Secretaría de Estado de Telecomunicaciones y para la Sociedad de la Información (Secretary of State for Telecommunications and the Information Society), and is the benchmark institution with regard to the development of cybersecurity, and of digital trust for the general public, for RedIRIS (the Spanish academic and research network), and for businesses, especially sectors of strategic importance.

Concerning the project ASASEC, INCIBE assumes the role of coordinator and works actively on design, development and testing states of the projects technological solution.

University of León Open in new window

Public Spanish university located in León and Ponferrada cities, centered on the northwest quadrant of the Iberian Peninsula.

The ULE works on the design, development and testing of the most innovative part of the ASASEC solution, consisting in the usage of artificial vision techniques for the analysis of evidences containing child pornography.

Technical University of Madrid Open in new window

Public Spanish university located in the city of Madrid.

The Technical University of Madrid gets involved in ASASEC in order to design, develop and test the data mining module. This module is in charge of processing data for the solution and also generates useful information to solve cases involving child pornography.